Tax Planning

The transactional tax planning and wealth preservation practice of Schafer Thomas Maez PC is closely associated with and integrated into all of the firm’s other practice areas.

Our attorneys have extensive experience, qualifications and education in all aspects of federal and state income tax planning for individuals and businesses, as well as federal and state property tax, gift tax, and estate, inheritance and transfer tax planning and compliance. We know that virtually all business and personal transactions, gifts, transfers and estate plans have inherent tax consequences, and we are committed to proactive analysis and recommendation of tax mitigation strategies and options.

Although we frequently represent individuals and businesses to create income, estate and gift tax-advantaged plans for specific projects and transactions, our attorneys incorporate comprehensive tax planning into all planning projects and engagements.

Ideally, personal and business planning are seamlessly integrated with all appropriate tax planning strategies. The process of developing a comprehensive “wealth preservation plan” involves in-depth analysis of personal vision, client-specific limitations and risk tolerance, economic factors and individual motivation. A coordinated team of advisors is essential to develop a comprehensive plan.

Among the many legal techniques and strategies we routinely consider, recommend and implement are:

  • irrevocable trusts, spendthrift arrangements, and gifting programs
  • generation skipping and “dynasty” trust plans
  • qualified personal residence trust plans and split gifts
  • life insurance planning
  • family limited partnerships and limited liability companies
  • business succession plans, shareholder and “buy-sell” agreements, and intrafamily loan and shared equity transactions
  • business recapitalization, qualified and non-qualified stock option and retirement plans, and employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
  • installment sales to heirs or irrevocable grantor trusts
  • private and public charitable gift programs and techniques, including charitable and split interest trusts, corporations, charitable gift annuity plans, donor advised funds, and private foundations
  • business entity and organization tax elections and strategies
  • post mortem and lifetime tax strategies, including disclaimers and renunciations

Schafer Thomas Maez PC has considerable expertise and a proven track record applying these techniques to achieve substantial tax savings and deferral in conjunction with our clients’ wealth preservation goals.